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1975 - 1982 - Barrie Corp.: We introduced the high-end patio furniture to the hardware, specialty stores and mass merchandisers of Quebec.

1978 - 1981 - DuraPouch Ltd: We introduced leather tool and nail pouches to the hardware wholesalers to be distributed to the retail trade. Before this introduction, pouches were sold by door-to-door salesmen directly off their trucks.

1981- 1994 - Closet Maid: With minimal sales in wire shelving and closet organizers, we introduced the product line in the home centers; this category is now sold in all major retail stores and mass merchandisers of Quebec.

1982 - 1989 - Moen Faucets: Introduced, in the Province of Quebec, their single lever faucet line. There were no sales prior to our involvement, by 1989, we reached the number one market share position for single lever faucets in the Province of Quebec.

1983 - 1993 - 3M Canada Inc.: In 1989, we introduced the 3M Wood Refinishing System in Quebec and the line is sold to all major retailers and wholesalers accounts.

1993 - 2004 and 2006 - to date - Schlage Lock by Ingersoll Rand: With minimal sales prior, we introduced the retail visual pack to Home Center, DIY and Big-Box Stores in Quebec.

2004 - 2006 Jig a Loo Lubricants inc.: Multiplied sales by a factor of 5 in the first year of involvement.

1994 - to date - Metaltech-Omega inc.: Introduced Scaffolding as a category to the Retail Hardware Market , since then has enjoyed triple digit growth. The category is now listed with most major retailers in Canada as a stock item enjoying a 90% plus market share, Rona, Reno Depot, Home Depot. BMR, Sodisco Howden, ILDC. 2005, introduced the Metaltech Telescopic ladder with great immediate success and listings with most major retailers in Canada.